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We are Les Moore and Sabine Westland. We live in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Les     Sabine

We have each been interested in photography for a long time. Many years ago we even developed and printed our own black and white films.

We have also, over many years, had a lot of international travel - mainly on business. However business travel, although interesting, tends to be stressful and rarely provides the time or opportunity to explore photographic interests. To put it simply, although the interest was still there our actual photography decreased to occasional "snapshots".

Then, in 2000, we bought our first digital camera - a Kodak DC290. At 2 Megapixels it was about the best available and it served us well for our "snapshots", and for a few more interesting photographs as well.

We retired in 2001 and, in 2004, while we were planning a holiday in the Antarctic, a friend made us aware of the advances in digital cameras. We bought a Nikon D70, and it delivered us into a new world. So did the Antarctic adventure - we loved it so much that we went for a second time in December 2006 (this time with a Nikon D200 as well). Sadly, we lost all our photos and much of our camera equipment when a thief stole one of our camera bags in Buenos Aires.

We now have a Nikon D3100 and a Nikon D7100 and, in our retirement, are travelling to more and more interesting places.

This site is an attempt to let others share in some of the enjoyment that travel and photography are providing for us.

We hope you enjoy browsing our albums. If you have any feedback, please click here to contact us.

Best wishes to all .... Les and Sabine

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