Nelson Bay

This is a small collection of photos of Nelson Bay, the town in which we live. It is on the east coast of Australia, just a few hours drive north of Sydney.

Nelson Bay is one of the towns on the shores of Port Stephens, a natural harbour more than three times the size of Sydney harbour, but too shallow for any form of commercial shipping.

In the late 19th century, when the various states were about to join together to form the new nation of Australia, Port Stephens was considered as a location for the new capital. However, the shallow harbour was one of the reasons that Port Stephens was not selected. Instead, Canberra was chosen as the site for the new capital even though, being inland, it has no harbour at all!

So, Port Stephens has never suffered major development and remains a beautiful, natural area.

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001.Nelson Bay
1. Nelson Bay
002.Nelson Bay
2. Nelson Bay
003.Stockton Street Nelson Bay
3. Stockton Street, Nelson Bay
004.Dutchies Beach
4. Dutchie's Beach
005.Bagnalls Beach
5. Bagnall's Beach
006.Tomaree and Yacabaa
6. Tomaree and Yaccaba
007.Nelson Bay, Port Stephens
7. Entrance to Port Stephens seen from Bagnall's Beach
008.Salamander Bay Jetty, Port Stephens
8. Jetty at Salamander Bay, Port Stephens
009.Salamander Bay Koalas
9. Salamander Bay Koalas
010.New Year's Eve, Nelson Bay
10. New Year's Eve at Nelson Bay
011.New Year's Eve, Nelson Bay
11. New Year's Eve, Nelson Bay
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All images copyright Les Moore and Sabine Westland