Uepi Island, 2016

In September 2016 we travelled to the Solomon Islands and spent a week at the Uepi Island resort. Our objective was to stay in one place for the full week, and to do nothing but what we came for - to snorkel the coral reefs surrounding the island resort.

Uepi is a small island in the Solomon Islands archipelago, and the resort is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for divers and snorkellers (we are in the latter group, with no intention of scuba diving).

Although it is small, with only about 10 huts for visitors, the facilities are just what one would want on an island getaway and the coral reef is literally at your front door! The snorkelling was excellent and, although the weather let us down a little, the trip was a remarkable success.

For the trip we upgraded one of our underwater cameras to a Nikon AW130, bringing on another learning experience, but improving the outcome of our underwater photography.

After some thought, we have left the photos in chronological order. It just seemed more sensible to us than sorting all of the green fish together, etc.

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001. En Route to Uepi
1. En route to Uepi
002. Arrival in Seghe
2. Arrival at Seghe airport
003. Seghe airport terminal
3. Seghe airport
004.Arrval at Uepi
4..Arrving at Uepi
005.Uepi Arrival jetty
5..Uepi arrival jetty
006. Arriving at the Main House
6. Arriving at the "Main House"
007.Our Uepi cabin
7. Our cabin and beach at Uepi
008.Uepi Dive shop and jetty
8. Uepi dive shop and jetty
009.Bright fish in shallow water.1e
9. Bright fish in shallow water
010.Massed fishes
10. Massed schools of fish
011.Green clam
11. Green clam
12. Another clam at the arrival jetty
013.Regal Angelfish
13. Regal Angelfish
014.Vagabond Butterflyfish
14. Vagabond Butterflyfish
015.Moorish idol
15. Moorish Idol
016.Pyramid butterflyfish
16. Pyramid Butterflyfish
017.Latticed Butterflyfish
17. Latticed Butterflyfish
018.Sergeant major fish
18. Sergeant Major fishes
019.Blue starfish
19. Blue Starfish
020..Bright blue reef fish (damselfish)
20. Small, bright blue reef fish
021.Blue starfish
21. Another Blue Starfish
022.Silver batfish
22. School of Silver Batfish
023.Schooling Bigeyed Scad
23. A School of Bigeyed Scad
024.Blue banded surgeonfish
24. Blue Banded Surgeonfish
025.Moorish Idols
25. Moorish Idols
026.Spot-tail butterflyfishes
26. Spot-tail Butterflyfish
027.Oval Butterflyfishes and Spot-tail butterflyfishes
27. Oval Butterflyfish and Spot-tail Butterflyfish
028.Squirrelfish with a spot-tail butterflyfish
28. Squirrelfish near the Uepi arrival jatty
029.Various reef fish
29. Unidentified reef fish
30. More Squirrelfish
031.Green Chromis fish
31.Green Chromis fish
032.Green Chromis fishs
32. Green Chromis
033.Yellowmask angelfish
33. Yellowmask Angelfish
034.Moorish Idol
34. Moorish Idol
035.Parrotfish V2.jpg
35. Parrotfish
036.Sergeant major fishes
36. Sergeant Major fish
037,Square tailed coral trout
37. Square Tailed Coral Trout
038.Sergeant major and Scad
38. Sergeant Major fish with Bigeyed Scad friends
039.Manta boat waiting
39. The Day of the Mantas
40. Manta Ray
041.Two Mantas
41. Two Mantas
042.Manta ray
42. Manta Ray
043.Yellowmask angelfish and friends
43. Yellowmask Angelfish and friends
044.Silver batfish
44. Silver Batfish
045.Green chromis
45. Green Chromis
046.Pink starfish
46. Pink Starfish
047..Oval butterflyfish
47. Oval Butterflyfish
048..Reef shark
48. Black Tipped Reef Shark
049.Reef shark
49. Black Tipped Reef Shark
050.Spotted Pufferfish
50. Spotted Pufferfish
051.Sea Anemone
51. Sea Anemone
052.Heading for home
52. A last moment at Seghe
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All images copyright Les Moore and Sabine Westland