The Great Barrier Reef, 2015

In October 2015 we took a trip to Cairns, on the Great Barrier Reef,

Our intention was to snorkel on the reef from a Cairns based boat, the Reef Encounter, and then from a Port Douglas based boat, the Wavelength. Mainly because of its strong orientation toward scuba diving, snorkelling from the Reef Encounter did not live up to our expectations, but the Wavelength experience was simply amazing.

For the trip we bought a Nikon Coolpix S33 underwater camera. This is at the "low" end of the Nikon line but, at our age, we are not likely to be making much more use of underwater cameras.

Our trip finished with an outing on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which is a very pleasant day out and, while in Kuranda, we visited the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, also a pleasant experience.

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001.Leaving Cairns for the Reef
1. Leaving Cairns for the outer reef
002.Reef Experience
2. Reef Experience - our fast boat from Cairns
003.Reef Encounter
3. Reef Encounter - our home at the outer reef
004.Norman Reef
4. Our first snorkelling session on Norman Reef
005.Norman Reef
5. Coral and fish at Norman Reef
006.Snorkellers at Opal Reef
6. Snorkelling at Opal Reef, off Port Douglas
007.Opal Reefx
7. Fish and coral at Opal Reef
008.Opal Reef
8. Fish and coral at Opal Reef
009.Opal Reef
9. Soft coral at Opal Reef
010.Wrasse at Opal Reef
10. Maori Wrasse under our boat
011.Opal Reef
11. Blue fish over yellow coral
012.Opal Reef
12. More blue fish with coral
013.Opal Reef
13. Another blue fish
014.Opal Reef
14. Reef fish and coral
015.Opal Reef
15. More reef fish and coral
016.Opal Reef
16. Reef fish and coral
017.Opal Ree
17 A variety of coral types
018.Opal Reef
18. More reef fish and coral
019.Opal Reef
19. Different shapes of coral
020.Giant Clam
20. Giant clam
021..Blue fishes
21. More blue fishes amid the coral
022.Blue fishes
22. More blue fish and coral
023.Opal Reef.V4
23. A colourful fish on Opal Reef
024.Opal Reef
24. Blue coral
025.Blue starfish
25. Blue starfish
026.Opal Reef fishes
26. More colourful fishes against the coral
027.Opal Reef
27. Another bright yellow reef fish
028.Opal Reef
28. A tiny fish over a coral outcrop
029.Opal Reef
29. A field of coral varieties
030.Kuranda train
30. The Kuranda Scenic Railway
031.Kuranda train
31. Kuranda Scenic Railway
032.Kuranda train
32. Passing Stony Creek Falls
033.Kuranda train
33. Looking back at the train
034.Sabine and Kuranda train
34. Sabine at Kuranda
035.Kuranda butterfly
35. Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary
036.Kuranda butterfly
36. Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary.
037.Kuranda station
37. Kuranda Station
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All images copyright Les Moore and Sabine Westland