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Our website consists of photo albums with the highlights of our travels in recent years. We have done a lot !

We have visited many different countries, covering every continent, and have enjoyed amazing sights and experiences. Along the way, we have also met many wonderful people.

In September 2016 we took what was, for us, a very different sort of holiday. We travelled to Uepi in the Solomon Islands and, instead of being constantly on the move, we stayed in one place and spent our time snorkelling over and around the coral that surrounds the island. We planned to return to Uepi in 2017 but health problems left us both unable to travel for a couple of years.

Now, in mid-2019, we have resumed travelling with a trip to Navini, a small Fijiian island in the Mamanuca group.
We enjoyed the wonderful ambience of the island, and also snorkelling over the surrounding coral reefs. Our Navini album has now been loaded, so click the Navini link below to view our photos.
Since Navini, we have taken another short trip to Port Douglas, on the Great Barrier Reef, for Sabine's birthday and took some photos wile snorkelling on the reef. Those photos follow the Navini ones in the list of albums.

In addition to our travel photos, we also have a small collection of photos of Nelson Bay, where we live on the east coast of Australia. You can find it at the end of the list of albums.

To have a quick look through a selection of our favourite travel photos over the years, including wildlife, people, and places, click below. To see a list of albums from our travels to various places around the world, click below. You can then choose individual albums to browse through. Our most recent trip was in July 2019 to Navini Island in Fiji, where we enjoyed snorkelling over coral reefs and photographing coral and fish.

Bhutan Dancer


Navini 2019

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